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Mass Medical Angels (MA2) is a seed stage investor group exclusively focused on life science and healthcare investments. Our mission is to bring more clinical tools to the marketplace, while attaining superior returns for our investors. To do this, we provide financing and mentoring to early-stage life-science companies so that they can obtain further funding, reach positive cash-flows or get acquired. MA2 members are carefully vetted for their deep expertise around the health sciences. Many of them have been researchers, clinicians, venture capitalists, executives, consultants, engineers, bankers or attorneys. They bring a willingness to support early stage companies to further our mission. In addition, we draw on our deep relationships with the institutions in Boston healthcare supercluster, the leading healthcare innovation center in the world. They provide additional resources, including deal flow, expertise and advisors for the companies we work with.

MA2 provides early stage funding to companies looking to raise between $250K to $3MM. Depending on the size of the investment, MA2 is willing to provide all or part of a round. We are willing to work closely with other angel groups or venture funds to ensure that the round is closed and a company adequately capitalized. We are looking for companies that are extremely capital efficient and where our funds will lead to significant step-ups in valuation (in part to avoid unfavorable future funding rounds). Our target is a 5x return within 5 years.

We invest in medical devices, therapeutics, diagnostics, health services, health information technologies, and relevant research-related tools including laboratory equipment.

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